BTS Fancafe Level-Up Tutorial

Hello! This post will be about how to level up in BTS Daum fancafe. (edited: 4 Oct 2018)

NOTE: I will NOT help you to translate anything from the questions at all. Nor will I help you translate your answers to Korean. I will only tell you how to submit the form and anything related to the level up process.

Guide: All about Daum fancafe: Link

NOTE: Hello! For those asking me about how to verify account on MelOn, you can google ‘verify MelOn account’, and there will be a website that helps people to verify their account. But you need to pay in order to get your account verified.

Why do we want to level up? 
That is because only after we level up, then we can see what BTS post on FROM.BTS(1) and FROM.BTS(2). And you can level up to ARMY I if you have purchased the membership.

1) Do make sure you have your Daum acc. If you don’t have one, please go and create. (tutorial link below)

Tutorial guide:

2) After you create your Daum acc, join the fancafe. (tutorial link below)

Tutorial guide:

3) Before attempting the level up questions, please change your settings as follows:

4) To level up, there is only 1 board – 등업신청_정회원. Refer to the picture below.

5) Click on 등업신청_공지. This page will show.

6) Answer the questions in the board: 등업신청_정회원.
Do note that the questions are found in 등업신청_공지 as mentioned above.

You can only apply for level up on the 2nd and 4th week of Friday to Sunday (KST). You will not be able to submit any level up applications on Monday to Thursday (KST). If you cannot apply even if its a Friday, wait a little while more for the staff to open the board.

7) The format for answering is simple, just 1. 2. 3. for the respective questions will do. Be neat and clear. There are a total of 6 questions, so please answer all 6.

8) To post a photo, click on the photo button. You can only upload 1 photo per post/comment. So if you want to add more than 1 photo, you can comment on your own post. Click on ‘답글’ at your own post (top right corner) to comment. To lock your answers, click on the lock button. Picture below:

*DO NOT comment on the BTS_STAFF posts. It will not be counted.*
*For those who cannot upload pictures after clicking on the photo button, you can try changing to another internet browser. If not, you can try using Daum app instead.*

9) Click ‘등록’. Then your answers will be submitted. You can see your own answers even though you locked it, others can’t see it. There will be a ‘비밀’ beside your post, so you can double check if you locked it or not.

10) About 2-3 days after you have submitted your form,  you can go to ‘정회원_등업확인’ to check for your post. Both approved and rejected applications will be moved to the same board. Do check what BTS_STAFF has commented on your application. If you did not receive a reply, just wait.

The staff will usually comment why your application got rejected. These are some of the words they may use:
1/2/3/4/5/6번: Question 1/2/3/4/5/6
누락: You did not answer the question.
오답: You answer the question wrongly.
양식 외반: You did not fulfill the requirements for that question.
전체쪽지 받지않음 설정: You did not change your settings to allow 쪽지 to be received. Therefore, please change your settings exactly like the picture in my tutorial.

If you want to double-confirm whether you level-ed up or not, click ‘내 정보’. Refer to the picture below.



Do note that the fancafe staff has changed the icons for the levels. As long as you see ‘정회원’ in your profile, it means you are at level 2.

To check if your post has been processed, go to 정회원_등업확인, then scroll down and click on 내가 쓴글. You’ll find your post. If you did not level up, you will need to attempt the level up questions again. Do not re-submit the form you failed to level up with.

NOTE: After you’ve leveled up, you are free to comment on FROM.BTS, but please observe the rules there. If not, you will be demoted and you have to level up again. Link:

Additional tips:

1) Do read up about the nickname rules. Ensure you do not have a nickname that is against the rules, or else you won’t be able to level up.
(Nickname rules translation:

For complete translation of nickname rules, you can go to Foreign BBS in the fancafe, scroll down and type in ‘nickname rules’ in the search box at the bottom, click the button beside the box to find the post regarding the nickname rules. In addition, Foreign BBS also have translation for the rules for posting on TO.BTS etc so you can have fun exploring around that board to know more about the rules in the fancafe.

2) It’s good to have a MelOn account and their streaming/download pass. Other PAID music sites like Genie, Soribada, Naver etc are fine for music streaming too. Streaming from ONE Korean music site would suffice.  A fan mentioned that Apple Music/Spotify Premium is alright too, but to be safe I encourage all to stream from Korean music sites still. You can still try using Apple Music/Spotify Premium, but do ensure all requirements (nickname, length of streaming, like/subscribe etc) are fulfilled.

3) Look at the pictures of MV and music streaming that the BTS_STAFF has posted. So find the one that you require and follow EXACTLY how they do. Do note that details required in both screenshots should be the same (for example, nickname. Ensure both screenshots have the identical nickname. The staff are strict with this.)

4) I heard from others that it is okay to post in simple English, so maybe you can give it a try if you feel that writing your answers in Korean is uncomfortable. But no guarantee that they will accept your answers. So, to be safe, I always recommend to write in Korean.

5) If you have any questions related to the level up process, and you want to ask the BTS_STAFF, you can go to ‘등업질문건의’.

Please read the tutorial carefully, there shouldn’t be any problem if you follow the steps closely. I advise all to read it a few times before asking questions, since the answers to some of your questions can be found in the tutorial if you read it in detail. If you really have a question which the answers are not found in the tutorial, then feel free to comment or DM me.

In addition, you may want to read through the comments other fans have posted below to see if you have the similar problem. I’ve answered those comments already, so maybe the solution to your problem is in one of my comments. 🙂

For further enquiries, you can contact me on Twitter @sammie2923 via DM. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of before contacting me:

  • I will NOT help you translate questions and will NOT answer the questions for you.
  • Usually I will reply within 12 hours, so if I did not, you can send another DM to remind me.
  • Don’t be rude and be clear about what you want to ask!


Thanks for reading! ^^

727 thoughts on “BTS Fancafe Level-Up Tutorial

  1. Hello!

    Please, I wanna buy the official membership but I am not sure since I don’t know if DAUM ID, Fancafe ID and BTS Official Shop ID should match or are the same thing! Please helps me.


    1. Hi! It doesn’t have to be the same. They are not the same thing, daum ID is used to log into the fancafe, fancafe ID (I assume is fancafe nickname) is just a nickname for you to use on the fancafe. Official shop ID is for the BTS official shop, not fancafe.


    1. Hi, I am not sure what you are asking. When 4th term ARMY membership is over, everyone will be demoted to level 2. If you purchased 5th term membership, after submitting an application on the fancafe, you will be level up to ARMY again.


  2. Hello!

    I level up last year with 4th ARMY membership. Now I bought 5th. Do I need to level up again and answer the new questions?



    1. Hi! The fancafe will demote those on 4th term to a lower level, but I am not sure if it is gonna be level 2. You can check your level from time to time, if it is at level 2, then there is no need for you to answer the new questions and level up again. 🙂


    1. Hi! The questions usually require a Korean answer since it can be about a member or on song lyrics. I always encourage people to write in Korean no matter what.


    1. Hi, what do you mean by clicking on comments? Did you try to comment on the question post? Do note that you have to go to the correct board to post your answers.


  3. Hi I bought the offical membership this year but I didn‘t level up in the fancafe?
    Do I just need to wait or is there anything I can do?


    1. Do note that there are 2 types of leveling up. First one is you level up to 정회원, it is not the official membership level. Anyone can do it, even without purchasing the membership kit. Second one is leveling up to the official member status. In order to do so, you have to be 정회원 first.

      Leveling up to 정회원 is open every week, whereas for the official member it opens when they have the event.


    1. Hello! Sorry for the late reply. I have already written a tutorial on how to level up, so if you follow the steps closely you should be able to 🙂 Do take some time to read through the tutorial, it took me a while to figure out how to level up too.


      1. Hi. The your step number 5 is different now on daum. I can’t find the sentece inside the box of your step#5 on fancafe.


  4. Hello
    Thank u a lot of this information
    I have a problem that melon and naver can’t hear the full song I hear just 1 minute between melon is unable in my contry I can’t creat account by email ,,,please help me if you have any solution
    Thanks in advance


  5. Hi, I’m really glad I found your page. You seem very well informed on how the Daum Cafe works.
    I’ve been having this problem with Daum Cafe not allowing me to write anything. Anytime I try to level up by answering the questions, I just get a message on the bottom informing me “You are not authorized to make any posts”.
    I have been researching different tutorials & I see what the page is supposed to look like, however it does not appear to be the same on mine. For some reason, it does not allow me to upload a picture, lock my answer, or any of those things, its just blank. I cannot read Hangul, and so far I haven’t seen anyone with this same problem. I don’t know if I did something wrong, or how to level up, if I’m not authorized to post anything on Daum Cafe??


    1. Hi! In order to post on the level up board of the fancafe, you need to join the fancafe first. Make sure you are logged in and join the fancafe! If you still encounter problems, do DM me on Twitter instead ^^


  6. Im still new on the fancafe. I want to level up to level 2 but i cannot post my answers as it says ‘You are currently an associate member. This board can write comments more than the operator. Try your cafe activity hard and raise your membership level.’. What should i do???


    1. Hi! This is because you tried to enter the board when it is closed. The level up board will not be available from Monday to Thursday, so you can try posting your answers on Friday to Sunday.


  7. Hi! I just want to ask, is it okay to screenshot the music on melon even if I haven’t purchased it? I downloaded the app and already logged in. But it only allows me to listen for 1 minute of the song. Is that okay for the screenshot requirement? Thank you. 🙂


      1. Hi! I really can’t get a streaming pass on Naver 😦 , though I already submitted an application. I’ve just used spotify. I hope I can level up any time soon. 😦 Thank you for your response, I appreciate it a lot! 💜💜


  8. Hello! I submitted my answers on Friday and since its Tuesday already and I still haven’t gotten any notifications? And I cant seem to find my comment anywhere I know I posted it in the right spot because i double checked and i can’t fine 내가 쓴글 in the 정회원_등업확인 and I was scrolling for a long time and nothing. Someone please help me 😭


  9. Hello!😊 I was wondering what I should do for the picture of the music streaming for an iPhone. Is it just a screenshot of your phone playing the song that is selected for the application? Or something else that I don’t know of?..Thank you!🙏🏻🌸💕


  10. Hi Sammie. Thank you for your reply months ago. ^^””

    I guess the reason for the staff said “1번 양식 위반” is that I didn’t input my gender and b-day in daum which I have now filled in that information.

    However, I wonder if I need to verify my identity by emailing them my passport copy as suggested in this webpage (a guide for another fancafe, ; Part 2 of 4 : How to verify your identity and join the uaena fancafe) It seems really complicated and related to personal confidential document, so I want to check if it is truly necessary. >_<

    Many many thanks!


  11. So I bought 5armykit and have half melon (level2) problem is. That I missed up on the interpark account.
    Instead of ID DAUM. I put BTS official ID. and now I can’t level up to ARMY. Where can I go to fix this problem? Oh and I also changed my nickname . Help~


    1. You can go to 5th ARMY 신청 and submit an application to level up. Follow the requirements of the post that begins with 1). You are required to provide your interpark reservation number, name, birthday and daum ID. Remember to lock your post.


  12. Hello, I’m confused.. I bought a 5th term membership and I just got leveled up into Regular Member last week. Do you know how can my status change to ARMY?


    1. Hi, sorry for the very very late reply, I am not able to do so because I’m currently really busy >< Don't have the time to post more stuff on top of what I wanted to post x.x So sorry!


  13. I have 2 questions here:

    1) If the level up application has been returned, that means we need to wait for another application to be opened and submit the new one or perhaps there is another way to just make the correction?

    2) Is the regulations (for level up return) similar to/applicable for other fancafes?

    Thank you.


  14. Hi army fam. Can you help me please?about my case. I already purchased the 5th term but my level in bts fancafe is still ranking no.2 .. Please help me. I need a guidance.😭💜


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